Fire Alarm System

It features modern technology that detects the slightest indications of fire as quickly as possible. Whether it’s abnormal smoke or a sharp rise in temperature, our system will detect it and issue an immediate alarm to ensure your safety. Don’t let fires threaten your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Fire alarm systems

Smoke and heat sensor systems of all types for buildings

Alarm systems for warehouses and hangars

Alarm systems for petroleum materials and tanks

fire suppression systems

Automatic water firefighting systems using sprinklers

Self-operating fire extinguishing booths

Gas extinguishing systems for data centers and control rooms

home alarm system

Alarm systems for homes and small or large stores are characterized by their effectiveness and ease of installation ,they do not require any wiring and all sensors operate on long-life batteries. The device will contact the mobile phone in the event of any signs of fire.

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